Treasure Each Day with Your Loved Ones!


Here you will find a Collection of Ideas, Images, Meditations, Reflections, and Thoughts – These items resonate with me. I hope they will inspire you. Passion is the path to health. If you find your passion, you find your vitality and you revitalize. Stay on the path!

Treasure Each Day with Your Loved Ones!

My Heart & Stroke Story

In 2016, my mom almost died due to heart failure. As a child, she developed rheumatic fever which severely damaged her heart valves. Although surgery was recommended for years, she avoided it out of fear. But in the latter part of 2015, my mom’s quality of life deteriorated. At this point, it became apparent that surgery was her only option.

My mom’s surgery was not an easy one, with two valves being replaced and a third one needing to be fixed. In a matter of nine days, she was resuscitated twice, and was wheeled and or whisked to the Operating Room three times. Thanks to the kindness and expertise of Dr. Bonneau’s team at St. Michael’s Hospital, the care and professionalism of the staff of the Cardiac ICU and the staff on the Cardiac Floor, as well as a lot of prayers and family love and support, my mom pulled through. She is one of the lucky ones.

My mom has come a long way, and I treasure each day I can spend time with my mom. She looks so good in her new limited-edition Roots Canada tuque (which by the way, supports Heart & Stroke research).

Last year, I made the Ride for Heart Day a Family Event. And this year, I am doing it again! I know that Heart and Stroke research was a large contributing factor to this story, and I am so grateful. That’s why our team is fundraising for the 2018 Manulife Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart on June 3rd. My team is called The Healing Hand. You can sponsor me and my team members by visiting this link:

Or, book a Reflexology treatment with me. A portion of the proceeds from each new appointment from Heart Month until Ride for Heart Day will go to advance Heart & Stroke research. Visit for more info or email me at to book your appointment.

Please help us with our fundraising goal and make a donation today. Your donation will push forward life-saving research like this and more and fund incredible breakthroughs to create more survivors of heart disease and stroke!

Thank you!