Subtle Sensations


Here you will find a Collection of Ideas, Images, Meditations, Reflections, and Thoughts – These items resonate with me. I hope they will inspire you. Passion is the path to health. If you find your passion, you find your vitality and you revitalize. Stay on the path!

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Subtle Sensations

A poem by Darlene Wiggers


An assortment of attributes

Somewhat skeptical

A barrier, a boundary

A distinct divide

An uncertain uneasiness

Letting loose

Trying to trust

Peeking, peering

Basic breathing

Mindful meditations

Raising reflections

An activated awakening

Joining the journey

Very vulnerable

A collective calling

A distinct drive

Mysterious music

A signal, a sign

Suspecting, sensing

A sixth sense

Curious coincidences

A picture of perceptions

Uncommon, unfamiliar

Cautious clarity

Loosening the left-side

Initial introductions

A range of realms

Variegated violet

Prismatic pink

Invitational indigo

A calm cool current

A hint of heat

A sense of smoothness

Fuzzy, faint

A tiny tingle

A tittling twitch

A fleeting flutter

A tapping thump

Vibrant vibrations

Repetitive ripples

Trembling tremors

A crackling clearing

A taste of titanium

Dehydrated, dry

A touching of tresses

A rearrangement, a realignment

A wag of warmth

Heightened heat

A suggestive scent

A smoldering smoke

An earthy emergence

A primal perfume

A murky mustiness

A clammy crispness

A petite pull

A tad of tugging

A slight surge

Significant sensitivities

Pieces of the puzzle

Telepathic tendencies

A coming of clarity

Developing depth

Intriguing ideas

Realizing the realness

The clear “clairs”

Fluent familiarity

Increased intensities

Dreams that direct

Descriptive déjà vu

Visions that visit

Testing the truths

Knowing now

Rented relationships

Lease of life

Somber shifting shadows

Subtle soft silhouettes

Evolved energy

Surrendering the self

Developing discernment

Understanding unknowns

Strengthening symbols

Handling habits

Greatest of good

Systems of space

Transcending time

Elapsed endurances

Passages to the past

Deep, dense

Troublesome tightness

Eliciting interventions

Forgiving faults

Living and letting live

Receiving remediation

Mending memories

A withdrawing wall

A white wave

A luminous light

Connected courses

Electrical, exciting

Brilliant bridges

Gateway gazing

Angelic apparitions

Mesmerizing, mystical

The language of light

A relaxing rhythm

A surprising spark

Remarkable revelations

A fresh feeling

Absolute awareness

Peaceful playfulness

A soulful spirit

Welcomed whispers

An effervescent embrace

A kind caress

A velvet vitality

A wealth of wellness

An energized experience

A pleasing phenomenon

A marvelous miracle

A leading life-force

Priceless, powerful

Insightful, intuitive

Maintaining, mastering

The Healing Hand