Listen to Your Intuition


Here you will find a Collection of Ideas, Images, Meditations, Reflections, and Thoughts – These items resonate with me. I hope they will inspire you. Passion is the path to health. If you find your passion, you find your vitality and you revitalize. Stay on the path!

Inspired by K is for Keep Trying No Matter How Hard it Seems – DALAI LAMA -LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME AND MAKE IT A MASTERPIECE


I am not a huge roller coaster fan, but I feel that life is like a roller coaster sometimes. The length of a second or a minute is the same in either, however, the perception of it varies depending on your personality or the particular situation. The highs are often fast paced while the lows are long lived. If you like it, you can’t get enough of it and long for more, but if it’s not your cup of tea, you can’t wait for it to be over and don’t want to go through it again. If you are orange, you thrive on the thrills and risks. But some people aren’t built for the ups and downs (yet), and end up “throwing up”.

Mindset is your power. To maneuver through the ups and downs you need to develop “Grit” (Angela Duckworth). When you fail, you may need some time to regroup – take the time if you need it, and if the situation allows for it. You may need to re-evaluate. What does this setback mean? Are you ready to continue on this path, or do you need to redirect? Don’t feel bad. There is value in each situation. Learn from it and grow. Build your resilience for the next challenge you face on the path of your life.

Be open-minded and open up all of your senses. You may need to work on this; practice mindfulness – it helps. Listen to your intuition – sometimes you feel it is or isn’t right, and sometimes you just know. Be open to the signs that are there all around you; sometimes we’re too busy to notice. If the signs are ignored, the price can be steep.

There will be hard times, but if you know this to be your truth, trust in it. Keep the faith, and don’t stop trying.

Focus. Persevere. Triumph.