Perspectives, Perceptions, and Expectations


Here you will find a Collection of Ideas, Images, Meditations, Reflections, and Thoughts – These items resonate with me. I hope they will inspire you. Passion is the path to health. If you find your passion, you find your vitality and you revitalize. Stay on the path!

Inspired by U is for Understand Yourself in Order to Better Understand Others – DALAI LAMA -LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME AND MAKE IT A MASTERPIECE

Perspectives, Perceptions, and Expectations – A Poem by Darlene Wiggers

There are three sides to every story:

Your side,

Their side,

And somewhere in the middle is the truth.

So don’t judge.

You don’t have all the facts.

You don’t know where people have been,

Or where they’re at now.

And on top of that,

Each person’s nature is different:

They may like to talk, they may like to keep to themselves.

They may be more sensitive, or less sensitive than you.

They may be stronger, or weaker than you…

You can apply a spectrum to anything,

And where you lay on it will be different from someone else.

So don’t judge.

Some people judge far too easily and are not very forgiving.

Before you complain about someone else’s faults, take a good look at your own.

Each person has many layers.

And even if someone wears their heart on their sleeve,

You still don’t see it all.

At that moment, they may be strong enough,

And they may be selective in what they choose to reveal.

Someone could be really hurting, and you may not have a clue.

Set high expectations and rise – good words to live by

And usually works.

But sometimes not.

So be prepared to make adjustments.

You may need to lower expectations.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, or others.

You may expect yourself or others to act in a certain way,

Be in a certain place,

Do the appropriate thing –

But maybe that’s not possible at this time.

You may be ready, but at that time others may not be.

Maybe they can’t put on a strong face at that moment.

Maybe they can’t be there for you because they need to be there for themselves.

So give yourself or them a pass, and let it go.

Even if you don’t understand, even if it doesn’t make sense –

Because you don’t really know the whole truth.