About The Healing Hand

The Healing Hand is located in the beautiful Town of Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.  The Healing Hand offers Healing Services and Healing Products to help you “Relax, Refresh, and Revitalize”. Together, we can strive towards your health goals.

Current services include Reflexology, Reiki, and Hot Stone Therapy.  Your treatment is carried out in the calm atmosphere of a dedicated room in my smoke-free, pet-free home (especially helpful for those with allergies).  The serene ambience of this room is well suited for this purpose.  I have carefully chosen inspirational words and images, aromatherapy, as well as other tranquil decor and features.  To further this quiet peacefulness, scheduling is done by appointment only, which means that you will be the only client here at that time – unlike the hustle and bustle of other locations (people coming and going, talking…).  Furthermore, there is no issue with parking, as you can park on the roundabout right in front of the front entry walkway.

The Healing Hand also offers Healing Products that have a therapeutic objective. I design Plant Terrariums with Tropical Plants and Air Plants, as well as Zen Gardens. Looking at and taking care of plants, and tending a garden help you develop peace of mind, focus, and balance.  I also design Bath Salts to help you relax both your mind and body.
In addition to serving Port Perry, Durham Region, The Healing Hand is conveniently located a short drive from the surrounding areas of Uxbridge, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington, Ajax, Pickering, and also not too far from Stouffville and Peterborough too! (Click here to see a map and get directions.) The next time you plan to visit Port Perry, why not plan a visit to The Healing Hand!  And let my hands help you maintain your health!


About Me

My name is Darlene, and I am a daughter, a wife, and a mom.  I have been and currently am a student, and I will always be a life-long learner.  I have taught children in the United States, China, and right here in Durham Region; and although I have moved onto a new chapter in my life, I will forever be a teacher.

I have always been very health conscious which is why my professional health thrust movement is a very natural progression for me.  I try to eat well, exercise, and stay in touch with nature and myself, all while balancing the needs of day to day life and family.  Like anyone, I have endured good times and not so good times.  No one likes hardships, but I understand that I can persevere through these times and become a stronger person with focus, faith, and support.  And humour helps too!

For me, health is an integrative approach where the east meets the west and the past meets the present.  Through my Products and Services, I do not claim to cure, diagnose, prescribe, or treat for a specific condition – this is best left to medical doctors.  I can make recommendations, and I do offer natural healing treatments, one of which is Reflexology.  As a Registered Reflexology Practitioner RRPr, a Registered Practitioner of Reiki CRA-RP, and a Certified Hot Stone Therapy Practitioner, my goal is to help restore and maintain the body’s natural balance, and thus stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself naturally.  With regular treatments, circulation of both blood and energy can improve, immunity can be boosted, and thus health can be maintained and promoted.

I graduated from The Holt School of Natural Healing, and I am a Certified Registered Reflexologist.  I am also a Registered Member in good standing with the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO), and as such I have earned the Registered Reflexology Practitioner designation (RRPr).  I am also certified in Reiki First Degree and Second Degree, Usui Shiki Ryoho, and I am a Registered Practitioner (CRA-RP) in good standing with the Canadian Reiki Association. There are health insurance companies which provide coverage for Reflexology and Reiki. Check with your benefits group to see if you have these coverages. I have also successfully completed the training program in Hot Stone Therapy, and I am a Certified Hot Stone Therapy Practitioner. (I am not aware of any health insurance companies which provide coverage for Hot Stone Therapy, but you can check with your benefits group to see if you have this coverage.) I have continued my education, and I am now certified in Acupressure, as well. Check with your benefits group to see if you have any of these coverages. Signed receipts can be provided for all treatments.

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