Hot Stone Therapy – What to Expect

What to Expect

If you can, try to come at least an hour after mealtime. If you have long hair, you may want to put your hair in a high ponytail. It is also recommended that you remove any jewellery (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches), so they don’t get in the way.  Preferably, the face, hands, and feet should also be free of any makeup and lotions.  Also, if you bring your cell phone, please turn it off.  Even in vibrate mode, it can have a negative impact on the relaxation process.  A bathroom is also available for your convenience.

The Atmosphere of the Area

I have a dedicated room in my smoke-free, pet-free home (especially helpful for those with allergies) for the use of treatments.  It is well suited for this purpose. I have

Just Breathe by Carolyn Cochrane

designed it with serene ambience in mind.  I have carefully chosen inspirational words and images, aromatherapy, as well as other tranquil decor and features.  To further this quiet peacefulness, scheduling is done by appointment only, which means that you will be the only client here at that time – unlike the hustle and bustle of other locations (people coming and going, doors opening and closing, phones ringing, people talking…).  Furthermore, there is no issue with parking, as you can park on the roundabout right in front of the front entry walkway.

Before the Treatment Begins

If this is your first appointment, I will start with an intake form and we will discuss your health concerns, challenges, and goals.  I will look not only at your medical history, but also the stress factors in your life.  I believe this is an important part of your overall health.  During your treatment, I address your whole person – mind, body, and spirit – not just the symptoms.  The goal of Hot Stone Therapy is to promote overall well-being through relaxation. Once we have determined areas of health concern, we are ready to begin.

If this is not your first appointment, we’ll review your previous appointment and any new health concerns.  Keeping these intentions in mind, we are then ready to begin the treatment.

During the Treatment

At this point, I will leave the room while you disrobe to a level of your comfort (some people bring a pair of shorts to wear), and position yourself on the massage table face up with covers on. Covers and towels are always available and used throughout the treatment to respect your privacy. Once you are comfortable with the linens, lighting, music, and other features such as the diffuser, we are ready to begin.

All types of massages are largely known for relieving pain and promoting relaxation, Visit to book an appointment or purchase a product.however, Hot Stone Therapy is thought to have an advantage over other types. This is because of the use of heat combined with the oil can be quite soothing and effective at relaxing aching muscles. The warmth of the stones seems to trigger improved circulation, while at the same time calming the nervous system. As the heat penetrates through your skin and into your deeper body tissues, your blood vessels will dilate, thus improving your circulation. Improved circulation means more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles. As a result, muscle pain can be alleviated. Thus, you are quite likely to achieve a state of relaxation and experience greater pain relief during it.

The following describes the course of action for a full body treatment. If you are interested in crystal healing, I place these stones on your upper body on points that are thought to be energy centers of the body. I briefly explain the significance of each point, but the overall goal is to rebalance the body and mind. Then I usually begin on the legs, followed by the feet, abdomen, arms, neck, shoulders, face, and back. Based on our discussion prior to the treatment, I keep your specific needs in mind. As a result, I may work more or less in a specific area. Please let me know, at any time, if you would like the pressure adjusted or the heat reduced.

The first step is to apply massage oil to your body and then glide the heated stones along muscles, using special massage techniques. Heated stones are also placed on particular parts of your body and left there for a time. I have a variety of stones available to choose from, including basalt, jade, and soapstone. Some promote relaxation, while others help to revitalize. They all retain heat well and are smooth, somewhat flat or shaped in a way that is conducive to the treatment. The stones can be placed along your spine, legs, feet, stomach, and palms. The stones are heated in a special electric heating appliance with water. I check the temperature with a thermometer and also with my hands. If the stones are too hot, I cool them in a bowl of cool water. However, each person has their own comfort level of heat. If, at any time, you find the stones are too warm, please let me know and I will cool them. Care is always taken with the covers to respect your privacy.

Following this, the treatment is complete. At this time, I leave the room briefly to allow you some time to relax before getting up and getting dressed.  Then we can briefly reflect on your treatment and book your next appointment.  I will also supply you with an appointment card for your next visit as well as a receipt which reflects that I am a Certified Hot Stone Therapy Practitioner. (I am not aware of any health insurance companies which provide coverage for Hot Stone Therapy, but you can check with your benefits group to see if you have this coverage.)  Prior to your departure, I supply you with your own special care pack.

After The Treatment

After the treatment, you will most likely feel very relaxed, possibly sleepy, or energized. really depends on the makeup of your body and health.  Most clients say they sleep well following a treatment.  Some people may experience health responses.  Some examplesdrink water may include sore muscles. This is normal as Hot Stone Therapy works on relaxing tense muscles and removing any pent-up toxins.  This is why it is so important to drink plenty of water following the appointment to flush out any impurities, and rehydrate.  Furthermore, drinking plenty of water helps to reduce the possibility of any feelings of malaise that may occur. I always recommend an epsom salt bath, as well, as this aids in the process of detoxification and the absorption of magnesium which further helps to improve your feeling of wellness.  For your convenience, I have a selection of bath salts available for purchase.

If interested, please email The Healing Hand.