Reflexology – What to Expect

Before You Arrive

If you can, try to come at least an hour after mealtime. If possible, please wear clothing that is loose and comfortable, especially around the lower legs.  This ensures that you are comfortable and allows for easy access during the treatment.  It is also recommended that you remove any jewellery (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches) as I work on the head, feet, and hands, so they don’t get in the way.  Preferably, the face, hands, and feet should also be free of any makeup and lotions.  Also, if you bring your cell phone, please turn it off.  Even in vibrate mode, it can have a negative impact on the relaxation process.  A bathroom is also available for your convenience.

The Atmosphere of the Area

just breathe

Just Breathe by Carolyn Cochrane

I have a dedicated room in my smoke-free, pet-free home (especially helpful for those with allergies) for the use of treatments.  It is well suited for this purpose. I have designed it with serene ambience in mind.  I have carefully chosen inspirational words and images, aromatherapy, as well as other tranquil decor and features.  To further this quiet peacefulness, scheduling is done by appointment only, which means that you will be the only client here at that time – unlike the hustle and bustle of other locations (people coming and going, talking…).  Furthermore, there is no issue with parking, as you can park on the roundabout right in front of the front entry walkway.

Before the Treatment Begins

If this is your first appointment, I will start with an intake form and we will discuss your health concerns, challenges, and goals.  I will look not only at your medical history, but also the stress factors in your life.  I believe this is an important part of your overall health.  As I work on your head, feet, and hands, I address your whole person – mind, body, and spirit – not just the symptoms.  The goal of Reflexology is to help restore and maintain the body’s natural balance, and thus stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself naturally.  

If this is not your first appointment, we’ll review your previous appointment and any new health concerns.  Keeping these intentions in mind, we are then ready to begin the treatment.

During the Treatment

After you remove your shoes and socks, you will lie down on your back on my reflexology/massage table.  Once you are comfortable with the pillows, linens, lighting, music, and other features such as the diffuser, I will usually begin on the head as the mind is the motor that runs the body.  This is a short part of the treatment, but so important as it helps you to begin to relax.  I will work to help you relax your neck, scalp, ears, and face.

Next, I will start working on your feet.  I begin by freshening up your feet with a dab reflexof witch hazel (a gentle plant-based alcohol-free toner that cleanses and moisturizes) on a cotton round.  Keeping your specific needs in mind, I apply special technique pressure to the reflex points in your feet.  These points relate to points in the rest of your body.  If I notice an area of need, I may spend a little more time here.  I may also mark these areas on your foot chart.  If at any time you experience discomfort, it is important that this is communicated to me.  I will adjust the pressure if this occurs, as Reflexology is not meant to hurt.

At various points throughout, I will apply pressure to the solar plexus reflex.  This area stimulates relaxation, and it is helpful if you breathe in slowly and deeply as I apply pressure, and slowly breathe out as I release pressure.  As many of my clients experience a near sleep like state if not a complete sleep state during my treatments, I try not to disturb them by telling them to breathe in and out at this time.  Instead, I deeply breathe in and out as I apply and release pressure to the solar plexus reflex, so as to remind you in your near sleep state to do the same.

Following the completion of each foot, I apply hot stone therapy with the placement of heated stones to keep your feet cozy warm while I work on the next part of the treatment.stones

Next, I work on your hands and arms up to your elbows. Again, like the head, this is a short part of the treatment, but is quite soothing to tired hands.

Finally, I return to the feet and remove the placement stones. If you are interested, I will choose from a selection of foot care moisturizers and or essential oil blends catered to your needs and apply them to your feet.  Following this, the treatment is completed, but I allow you some time to relax before getting up.  At this time, we can briefly reflect on your treatment and book your next appointment.  Then I will supply you with your receipt (Check with your benefits group to see if you have coverage for reflexology) and appointment card.  Prior to your departure, I supply you with your own special care pack.

After Your Treatment

After the treatment, you will most likely feel very relaxed, possibly sleepy, or energized.  It really depends on the makeup of your body and health.  Most clients say they sleep well following a treatment.  Some people may experience health responses.  Some examples include a runny nose, an emotional response, increased bowel movements, sore muscles…  This is normal as reflexology stimulates your entire body, and is working bathto remove any pent up toxins.  Self-improvement requires a commitment on your part, and a willingness to move in a positive direction on your journey to wellness. It is always recommended that you drink plenty of water drink waterfollowing the appointment to flush out any impurities, and rehydrate.  Furthermore, drinking plenty of water helps to reduce the possibility of any feelings of malaise that may occur. I also recommend an epsom salt bath, as well, as this aids in the process of detoxification and the absorption of magnesium which further helps to improve your feeling of wellness.  For your convenience, I have a selection of bath salts available for purchase.

If interested, please email The Healing Hand.