New Year, New Decade, New You!


Change becomes you.

It is your life.

It makes you.

Make a change

And feel again.


Visit to book an appointment or purchase a product.The Healing Hand wishes you good health in this New Year and this New Decade! Remember the importance of your health, as you begin this New Decade and navigate through the changes of your life. Make a change to maintain your health. Visit for more info about the treatments offered by The Healing Hand, and see you at your next appointment! 😊

The Healing of the Pause

Inspired by R is for Remember That Silence is Sometimes The Best Answer – DALAI LAMA -LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME AND MAKE IT A MASTERPIECE


The Healing of the Pause

In the hustle and the bustle,

And all the noise of your life –

The answers to your questions

Never ever come to light.

Hear the whispers of the wind

In the struggle and the strife?ThehealingPause

Feel the ripple of the waves,

Or the rustle of your mind?

Stop reacting to the racket.

They don’t own you –

You’re in charge.

Choose to listen to the peace.

Choose to shut it all out.

Sense the freedom of release,

Sense the sway of the rhythm.

As there’s a message in a bottle.

There’s a song in that sound.

Still the madness

For a moment.

Heed the calmness

To be found.

The key is in the silence.thehealingofthe pause

Let go and lose yourself.

Be open to the remedy.

Be present just this once.

The cure is in your range.

Inhale the breadth of this instant

Receive the healing of the pause.

The Healing of the Pause


New Year’s Resolution – To Your Health!

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New Year’s Resolution – To Your Health! Help improve your health with regular Reflexology Treatments – Book now! Visit              Designed by Freepik

New Year’s Resolution – To Your Health! Help improve your health with regular Reflexology Treatments – Book now!

Who doesn’t want to improve their health? A regular health maintenance program is a good way to start! Yes, you want to eat healthier, exercise, and get more sleep – but why not get a little help in reducing stress, improving circulation and energy, as well as boosting immunity? Regular Reflexology Treatments can help you achieve this great health goal.

Now is the time to commit to your health! Make a S.M.A.R.T. Goal (SMART Goal) – For example: I will help to improve energy and reduce stress through 12 Reflexology treatments in 2019, beginning this month, by booking the appointments now. The Healing Hand is currently accepting new clients. Contact me now at and take advantage of my Loyalty Program!

The Healing Hand is located in the beautiful Town of Port Perry, and is a short drive from the surrounding Durham Region areas of Uxbridge, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Courtice, Ajax, Pickering, Stouffville, and Peterborough. The Healing Hand also offers the following treatments: Reiki and Hot Stone Therapy.

Happy New Year to you from The Healing Hand!

You Can Only Put Yourself “On Hold” for So Long


Here you will find a Collection of Ideas, Images, Meditations, Reflections, and Thoughts – These items resonate with me. I hope they will inspire you. Passion is the path to health. If you find your passion, you find your vitality and you revitalize. Stay on the path!


L is for Love Yourself

The demands of life are many, and all too often there is little time left for yourself at the end of the day. But as long as you have some time for yourself, it will be okay. Day to day is manageable. Sometimes there are extra demands, and even that’s okay. It’s to be expected – life happens. Although you know that it’s important to have time for yourself, you can put yourself “on hold” when you need to. The problem arises NOT when life throws you a curve ball.  The problem arises when life throws you a few major life curve balls that carry on for too long. When you can’t even do what you need to do, let alone what you want to do, the problems begin.  You know you’re here when it’s an understatement to say that “Life is too demanding” and it’s too easy to say, “I’m not having any fun”. But you carry on by prioritizing because you have to, and you know that it can’t go on like this forever. Then finally when the heaviness begins to lift, you realize that life now has a “new” normal. It’s a slow process “putting back the pieces”, and it does take time. But being “whole” will not happen until you take time out for yourself, for you can only put yourself “on hold” for so long. Rebuild yourself, for you will not be able to be there for others unless and until you are there for yourself.

The Impossible


Here you will find a Collection of Ideas, Images, Meditations, Reflections, and Thoughts – These items resonate with me. I hope they will inspire you. Passion is the path to health. If you find your passion, you find your vitality and you revitalize. Stay on the path!

The Impossible

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Anything is possible

You just have to believe

When everything lines up

It’s easy to achieve


Removing limitations

Adjusting expectations

Past, present, future

Is just an illusion of time


Forgiving and forgetting

Vulnerability with an open mind

Let loose and see where it takes you

Just give it a try


Positivity flows in the right direction

The plan includes unexpected purposes

Turning balanced changes into small miracles

The impossible CAN be in the future!

Nurse Your Way Back to Health with a Plant

Taking care of plants can be very therapeutic. I can personally verify this. After my miscarriage, I was drawn to plants. Taking care of plants helped to redirect my focus during a difficult time. Appreciating the simple beauty of these unique floral arrangements then allowed me to experience gratitude in other areas of my life. Because they helped me to relax and bring me peace of mind, I started to feel better. That is why I have assembled these unique and beautiful plant terrariums. My hope is that they will help bring relaxation and peace of mind to anyone who needs this. Or maybe you know someone who could benefit from a gift like this?

I’m not the only one who feels that plants can benefit your health. Take a look at what is being said about the health benefits of plants:

“Researchers…found that plants in the office significantly increased workplace satisfaction, self-reported levels of concentration, and perceived air quality.”…“A study by Ulrich and Simons found that being exposed to natural settings and plants can reduce stress levels within a five-minute period.”

Plants in offices increase happiness and productivity – What was important was that everybody could see a plant from their desk. If you are working in an environment where there’s something to get you psychologically engaged you are happier and you work better,” Knight said.

The Healing Hand designs both Air Plant Terrariums and Tropical Plant Terrariums. Scroll down to learn more.

Air Plant Terrarium




Air Plant Terrarium with Cool Beach Theme

No time for a vacation to the beach, no problem!  Just stare into this terrarium and IMG_0489daydream about it!  It’s a unique item that’s sure to please.

So what is an air plant?  Well, its a special plant that can be placed just about anywhere.

This glass terrarium is about 8 1/2 inches tall by 5 inches, and it comes with everything you see.

To care for it, you need to either spray it or soak it once or a twice a week.  See how here.

Here is another variation of this cool beach theme!  

If you’re interested in one of these unique gift ideas – please email me.




Tropical Plants Terrarium

Terrariums were popular during the Victorian Age and are making a comeback.  Gazing IMG_0567into a terrarium can have a very calming effect and be a good source of relaxation.

It could be a unique gift for that hard to buy for person, (or, better yet, treat yourself!)

This is a special and unique floral arrangement that is pretty easy to take care of.  Because a terrarium is somewhat enclosed, it helps to keep in moisture that tropical plants need.  A few sprays of room temperature water a couple of times a week should do the trick.  See how here.

And just so you’re all set, I’m including a spray bottle with the terrarium.

To give you an idea of the size – this terrarium is about 11 inches in height and the diameter is approximately 4 ¾ inches.



Here is another variation of a tropical plants terrarium.  This terrarium is about 8 inches in height and the diameter is approximately 7 ½ inches.  To make a purchase, please email The Healing Hand.



Your Feet are in Good Hands!



reflexologyReflexology is a natural healing art in which special technique pressure is applied to reflexes in the head, feet, and hands, which correspond to other parts in the body.

When special gentle pressure techniques are applied to the reflex points and areas, the corresponding locations in the body are stimulated and blockages and toxins are encouraged to clear. Thus, reflexology stimulates the body to heal itself.

Reflexology can help balance the body’s condition, improve your health, as well as boost your immune system. It is an overall support for wellness, and there has been success with treatments. For more info, please visit

The main goal of reflexology is to help you relax by triggering the body into a parasympathetic state, which then stimulates your body to heal itself.  Besides releasing endorphins and reducing the production of stress hormones, reflexology also improves your circulation of blood and energy.  As a regular treatment, it can help you maintain your health.


EgyptianGraphicReflexology is not a new therapy. It

has been around for over 2000

years. Reflexology was practised in

both China and India. There were

even records of it found on walls in

Egypt. Clearly, reflexology has stood

the test of time.

Modern day reflexology is rooted in Zone Therapy which started with Dr. William Fitzgerald in Connecticut in 1913 and spread with his colleague Joe S. Riley, M.D and student Eunice Ingham. According to Dr. William Fitzgerald, the body is divided into ten vertical zones. Energy travels throughout these body zones via the nervous system. Applying pressure in any of the zones sends a signal throughout the body via the nervous system, stimulating improvement in body functions. The body is balanced and in good health when our energy is flowing freely through the zones. But when a blockage occurs, often felt as a crystalline or gritty deposit (likely from uric acid), the body becomes out of balance. A reflexology treatment works to break up the deposits and helps to restore the natural flow of the body’s energies.



It doesn’t’ matter what your age is, you can benefit from reflexology. While the modality of reflexology does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat for a specific condition, it can help improve your overall wellness with respect to the following:

  • relax your mind and body,
  • improve your circulation and energy,
  • balance your body’s condition,
  • maintain your health,
  • and boost your immunity.
  • And many clients report that it makes them feel good!

Reflexology should be a part of your health maintenance program!

Furthermore, success has been achieved with evidence based research.

According to Reflexology Research Project, “The proven benefits of reflexology include:
• Creation of relaxation
• Reduction in pain
• Amelioration of symptoms of health concerns
• Improvement in blood flow
• Impact on physiological measures
• Enhancement of medical care
• Complement to cancer care
• Adjunct to mental health care
• Post-operative recovery and pain reduction
• Easier delivery and post-partum recovery.”

Reflexology is a good choice for everyone, unless your feet have been injured or altered. For localized conditions, modifications to the treatment can be made. For example, in the case of pregnancy, there are certain areas I would avoid during treatment. Or in the case of neuropathy, the amount of pressure used would be adjusted. For this reason, it is important to communicate with me in regards to your health conditions, and also to complete your intake form with care and accuracy. And if at any time during the treatment, you experience any sensitivities, please let me know so we can discuss and so that adjustments can be made. Individuals with medical conditions or health issues are advised to consult a healthcare professional where appropriate. Always take your own health seriously and seek advice when needed.

 Book an appointment today and you can be a part of “Reflexology for a Cause”. your feet some lovin’, while at the same time supporting a worthy cause. A portion of the proceeds from each new Reflexology appointment from Heart Month to Ride for Heart Day will go to advance Heart&Stroke research. Click on the following link to find out why this cause is important to me: