Festive Floral Gift Idea

Need a Christmas Gift Idea??? Try this Festive Floral Arrangement!!!

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Save Your Planet, Save Your Health

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It’s World Earth Day! “Protect your environment to save your health – Our lack of concern about the protection of nature and environment has come with another evil…Air pollution. It is rising at an alarming rate along with global warming, making us vulnerable to serious ailments and increasing our mortality rate… Measures such as reducing our usage of plastic, scaling back the use of personal vehicles, planting trees, recycling waste products, and composting will go a long way in boosting the environment and reducing air pollution. A clean air will save you from a lot of health conditions.” Make it a priority to support the health of Mother Earth, as well as your own health!


Happy Easter from The Healing Hand!


Plant Terrariums come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be catered to a special theme. Each Terrarium is unique. It could be a gift for someone special or get one for yourself! This terrarium is about 8 ½ inches in height and the diameter is approximately 9 inches. It is specially designed with a few different layers for proper drainage. And because a terrarium is somewhat enclosed, it also helps to keep in moisture. A few sprays of water once in a while should do the trick. And just so you’re all set, I’m including a spray bottle with the terrarium.

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The Pond of Everlasting Hope


Here you will find a Collection of Ideas, Images, Meditations, Reflections, and Thoughts – These items resonate with me. I hope they will inspire you. Passion is the path to health. If you find your passion, you find your vitality and you revitalize. Stay on the path!


I have always liked poetry, both the reading of it and the writing of it. Here is one written by my younger self, at age 18.


The Pond of Everlasting Hope – a poem by Darlene Novak

In the back of the yard

Exists a pond, a man-made pond.IMG_0473

And in the summer

The pond was alive;

Flowers in bloomIMG_0581

Birds in tune

And the fish – yes – the goldfish

– So many together

So bound, forever


And then autumn fell

And the flowers were gone.

The birds, they too, flew away.


Honk! Honk!

The goldfish removed

To an indoor pond

To safety, to warmth

But a temporary home

All of them secure

To carry on the tradition.


All of them? – No, not all,

All, except two

Two which could not have been caught.

Two which would not be caught.

Although it was tried again and again

The two remained in the pond.

All said, they would dieIMG_0860

All said, they would not – make it.

But the two remained in the pond.


Some time has passed since that autumn day

And many cold days have come

Some rain has fallen

And snow has stormed

Hiding the pond from all’s view


So many footprints!

All are fine, though rain still falls

The two are still in the pond

-Presumably dead, though no one will know

Until the breaking of ice.


The time has come

For the sun to shine.

The ice is beginning to melt

Slowly, though,

The process takes time

But through warmth, it will become clear.

The birds have returned; the flowers in bloom

Through faith, the two have survived

And one day soon, the others will join them.

God has brought them new life.