Terrarium Care

A Plant Terrarium is a unique and beautiful arrangement to display in your home or office. And the Health Benefits of Plants are so great! “It is known that people have always intuitively sensed that contact with plants and nature is a calming restorative tonic for body and soul. It would be fantastic to think that one day; people would accept the idea that they need a plant in each room as much as they need exercise and their five servings of fruit and veg in order to live a healthy lifestyle.” (From RESEARCH OVERLOAD, BUT STILL NO PLANTS IN OUR ROOMS!)

If you’re considering purchasing a plant, why not go with something extra special – go the extra mile and try one of the plant terrariums designed by The Healing Hand in Port Perry

The Healing Hand offers two types of Plant Terrariums – Air Plant and Tropical Plant. Here are tips on how to take care of them.

Air Plant Terrarium Care

I am told that Air Plant Terrariums can be sprayed a few times a week, but I haven’t personally tried this method. Here’s the method that I use:

IMG_0538 2

Once a week, soak the air plant for about 15 minutes (I always set a timer so I don’t forget about the air plant!).  Make sure you use room temperature filtered water, and don’t submerge the base of the air plant.


IMG_0540 2

Next, let it dry upside down for about 3 hours, or until the base is dry.  In this picture, I used an apple slicer, but I have also used a whisk!  Another idea is a strainer.  Get creative!

Tropical Plant Terrarium Care

Diffused light is best for your Tropical Plant Terrarium.

Using a spray bottle, direct the nozzle towards the stem so that it gets wet at the base. Feel free to carefully move the foliage to have better access. This can be done from the top; you don’t need to get inside since the opening is small. Since the area is somewhat enclosed, all the plants will benefit from the moisture. I just do this to ensure that all plants also get water at the base where the stem meets the soil.

I usually have the spray nozzle set to a full spray, but you can adjust the nozzle if you see that this would be helpful.

The top layer of the soil should be moist when you are done spraying and you should see that the soil looks darker near the top if you look at the container from the outside.

The frequency of watering and the amount of water you spray will depend on your home. My home has a lot of windows, and in the winter it is drier in my home with the heat being on- both are contributing factors to drying out the soil. In the winter, I water mine every second day because I noticed that two times a week wasn’t enough (that’s what I found to be enough in the summer at my home). I always check before watering by sticking my finger into the soil to see if the moisture is gone. Then I know that it’s time to water it.

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